And Another Thing!

As if life couldn’t get any worse, I woke up with a stinking migraine, and my back remained intolerable so I spent the morning in bed tring to sleep off the migraine.

After that I decided today was a day of rest and I did some packing up of acorns, putting stuff on Fleabay and mooching about smelling of Kwan Loong oil.  It does help a lot. I thoroughly recommend for all things hurty.

A friend kindly checked the Minions and counted noseys to be kissed.  That was a huge weight off for me as I didn’t feel I could drive safely today let alone walk up to their field.

While I faffed around on Ebay, BeAnne sat next to me snoring and farting to herself while Monster coveted her bed more than anything.

BeAnne refused to move.  The Battle of the Beds is never over.

2 thoughts on “And Another Thing!

  1. Celeste

    I look forward to the time when Monster and Be Anne learn to share the bed. Get over it already! And hope you get over your boo boos fast.

  2. Cathy

    Well done BeAnne! That cat has determination written all over him, but she’s not buying it!

    I sympathise over the migraine …. It’s always when you relax after a period of stress that it gets you, and I know that sleeping it off is often the only way.

    You’ve done a lot of driving over the last week too so no wonder your back is complaining. I hope a day in bed with the magic Pain Pod has helped.


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