My Best Girlie

When I call, a certain little girlie comes running – (I turned the sound off, because I sounded like a banshee, albeit a posh one!)

The Sheeple (Boyzens and Girlzens) go out into their fields every morning after breakfast and then I call them home in the evening, so they can go to their sheds if they want to or creep under the fence to go back into their field.

However, Not-so-little Missy is always first up.

She is very enthusiastic and, in my absence, Daisy has taught her the wonders of an Animal Cracker biscuits. She likes them!

I call this photo Missy’s BBC-Radio-4-Melvyn-Bragg-In-Our-Time interested face!

Missy also loves Monster which is kind of strange.

However, Monster does not love Missy.

I call this photo “Disgruntled from Dulwich” or as OH said “Bored from Beckenham” or “Miffed from Mid Walls”.

Dear little Missy. Our happy little accident who now we can’t do without.

I think every home should have a Missy.  She is very precious and she likes to keep her nose in my hand, as I walk, in case I forget about her need for biccies.  She is so One of Us!

4 thoughts on “My Best Girlie

  1. Sam

    Since your girls are vastly out numbered by boys, it is good Missy comes a running. Even if it is because of a biccie. Now Monster is Willfully Waging War on the Other White monster, such an evil stink he commands.


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