Still Not Talking

I can’t, and possibly won’t, pretend that I forgive this lot for what they did to my poor Old Men (and Klængur).

Here they are mooching about in the little paddock, waiting for Kappi to join them. He had been out for a ride with Daisy.

I also don’t think anyone is particularly sorry for what they did (basically bully the poor Old Men out of their field by barging in and being utterly vile).  There were bites. I saw them. I know who did it.

If any of them imagine that for one minute I will go and see them with my usual pile of carrot peelings and hugs, then they can think again.  I am still cross and will possibly hold my grudge for a while. Their behaviour was unforgiveable.

I would like the boys to think about what they did.

Though, somehow, I don’t think they will.  Not really.

Meanwhile, the Old Men (and Klængur) are in the next door field where the green grass is, doing what they do best – eating!

And I am not in a forgiving mood.

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