In answer to your first question, the answer is nope, nada, nuffink, not a dicky bird though Edna keeps taking herself off and then Madge shouts for her to come back and being a good mum, she does.

On a different note, I saw a lovely clump of dog-violets today on my daily walk.

And yesterday we saw some Whooper swans (apparently a rare breeding bird for the UK – I did not know this) on the loch as we drove to see the Icelandic mares.

All the horses and ponies are fine and enjoying the slightly warmer weather, losing their coats.  Hair is everywhere.

In other news, I am still making sheep-that-no-one-wants.  I put them in groups this afternoon.

And added the next line.

And the next.

I think, if I count correctly, I have made 25.

And then I made another one.

It is my therapy.  Most days, after lunch, I walk BeAnne in a field and then we go to my shed.  BeAnne has a good sleep and I make a sheep listening to something good like a podcast or  radio play or an audiobook.

When Her Maj wakes up and tells me she wants to go inside, we then go and check the sheep – ie walk down the hill and back up again, which means she is hungry for her tea.

It may seem very boring but that’s how we are rolling in our Shire these days.  It is enough excitement for me.  Now all we need is for this lamb to appear……

8 thoughts on “Nope

  1. Kerry

    Ooohhhh the suspense: do you think she’s stringing it out to help provide excitement in these lock down days?
    And the appearance of the rare whooper swan is further excitement and part of a story line in the Shetland series (the one set on Fair Isle: Blue Lightning).
    Fabulous photo of bouncing Be’Anne

  2. Gail

    I would love to have some of your little sheepies! Must I come to Shetland to get them?? I’m coming in 2021! or can I order tjhem? Gail

  3. Margaret Robinson

    If you remember, your children probably did not make an “appearance” when you or family wanted them do either. Such is life! This mom sheep probably has a place all scoped out and just hasn’t told anyone yet. Enjoy the drama, it could be far worse.

  4. Karen Branyan

    I also would like a sheep! And thank you for your wonderful photos. I look forward to your posts every day. I hope to visit Shetland some day!

  5. diane in northern wis

    You’re right Frances. That was my first question as I opened up your blog tonight.
    Can’t you keep Edna in the barn or somewhere until she safely has her lamb?
    I must say that BeAnne looks quite lovely in those photos. And your bevy of sheep….wow fantastic. Just wait until you are able to take them back to the shop in town! They’ll sell fast! I’ll check in tomorrow and see if your little lamb is here yet. Maybe by the end of the week???

  6. M in NC

    What a grand flock you have created. I say just keep adding to it. Think of the stories you can tell. Have you made any movies lately?

    As for Edna, I expect being an ‘experienced Ewe’, she may be a bit sneaky.
    Since she may have always lived out, she might protest a ‘lambing jug’ setup.
    I personally have no experience with sheep, just an amateur’s observation from a great distance.

    Keep safe and keep posting your lovely photos.

    M in NC

  7. Linda

    You’re spot on: I logged on to see if there was a tiny lamb addition to your “flock” but Edna will give birth in her own time.

    However, the gift of the day is seeing BeAnn looking so well and taking walks with you. 🙂

    Keep on making those sheep; you just know one day they’ll go to their new homes. My therapy is knitting and it works wonders…


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