Look who is here!

Yoohoo – she’s here!

I had been checking all morning – my alarm set for every hour.  By lunchtime, nothing but Edna had sent everyone away to another field, including Madge who didn’t put up a fight or seem to mind.  She was also pawing the ground and getting up and sitting down.

My alarm went off just as I had eaten my last bite and off I trekked to the furthest point of the field to find the new addition to our family

It started to rain so we made the decision to take the little family nearer the house. I led Edna and Daisy carried she-who-has-no-name.

We were slightly concerned that little lamb had not found the milk-bar but after some sage advice from a neighbour, we left them to it for a few hours.

I am now happy to report that little lamb has got the plot.  Phew – the worry is immense, I can tell you.

So, that’s one hurdle over.  I will let Edna introduce her baby to Madge tomorrow, I think.  She is suprisingly calm and unstressed about not being her Mum.  When separated she usually shouts her head off.

And I think I am in love!  (little lamb is already trying out her legs – she does small bounces – and comes up to talk – oh my heart! ❤️)

32 thoughts on “Look who is here!

  1. Celeste

    Oh what wonderful news! Congratulations Mamma! So glad that everyone is healthy and happy. You have a new friend to get to know and the little lambie is in for extra special treatment for sure. Nothing sweeter in the world than snuggling with a new lambie, I love their milk breath. I’m looking forward to tales of your adventures with her and more beautiful photographs.

  2. Kerry

    What a beautiful April baby. She is indeed a most beautiful lamb, and how lucky she is to have a doting Grandbaa in you! I love the way she’s gone from jaundice yellow to innocent white and that touch of pink nose is just the cutest.
    Enjoy x

  3. Nicki

    Just perfect. Huge congratulations and welcome to the world little lady, you’ve certainly been born into a loving home.

  4. Elva

    Congratulations! My Zinnia had her lambs yesterday, but unfortunately one was a stillborn. The other little ewe lamb is doing well, along with her mom. I am sure you did this, but did you dip the lamb’s naval with iodine? Have fun with your lamb!!!!!

  5. diane in northern wis

    What a beautiful little lamb. Congratulations! So glad everything went well and seems to be going even better. I’m sure you’ll come up with the perfect name for this beautiful baby.

  6. Louise Stopford

    How wonderful – what a little darling!! Well done Edna. It’s so lovely to hear such happy news in these dark times and your photographs of that adorable baby are wonderful. What a happy life she is going to have with your family and I look forward to the many adventures and updates on this gorgeous little ones progress.

  7. Christine

    Congratulations! Spring has now officially arrived. And now you get to choose a name. I’m sure the mental wheels are already turning.

  8. Linda

    Oh, oh, oh – she’s beautiful! And it all went well (“told you so” says Edna). Congratulations, on the sweet, sweet addition to the family!


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