Changed Shape

Still no lamb.  Every morning I ask OH, when he feeds the ducks and chucks, if there is an extra little lambie around and the answer is always no.

We are all waiting.

I think Edna has changed shape now.

Things have slipped downwards and she walks with a distinct waddle, holding her tail slightly outwards.

I check her every ruddy minute. Oh the worry, I can tell you. Despite my best efforts to keep the Girlzens around the house, Edna wants to be with her “flock” and so I have reluctantly come to the conclusion that it is better for her to be calm and happy and where she wants to be rather than cooped up and agitated.

And, of course, she insists on resting, sitting, and probably giving birth, beside the stream.  My greatest fear.

We have had a discussion about this and she assured me all will be fine.  I tell myself (as does the family) that Edna is an old and experienced ewe so she knows what she is doing.

Madge is possible evidence of this theory (doesn’t she look good now?)

The Boyzens are about.  ‘Bert told me he was fat and not about to give birth.

He did say that with a lovely smile.

Lambie refused to talk.  He was bissy stuffing his face.

And ‘Ster continues his mission of just looking gorgeous all the time.  It’s 24/7.

And so we wait and check and wait and check ad infinitum.

I almost put money that today was the day but, so far, it isn’t.

I will keep you posted.






7 thoughts on “Changed Shape

  1. Lucy MacArthur

    Oh Frances, the waiting …..! Edna does look very relaxed and Madge is looking good. I am sure ewe will have a lamb around before too long. Fingers and toes tightly crossed!

  2. Sam

    Edna’s new blue collar is very stylish. The Bozenberries are rather handsome, smiles and all. Fingers crossed the wee lamb waits for Edna to be closer to the barn.

  3. Suzanne Kelly

    What beautiful photographs! I am sure all will be well; so nice to see spring in the Shetlands. thank you for this delightful posts and updates

  4. Elva

    Two of my pregnant ewes look just about like Edna. I am not expecting them to lamb until Friday, but I think they might surprise me. We will have to see if Edna lambs before my ewes, Flora and Zinnia! May they all have healthy lambs and an easy time of lambing!

  5. Linda Kirk

    Edna looks very chilled lying by the stream. Madge is definitely posing, look at me now!

    Fingers crossed all goes well and a new lamb appears tomorrow because I can’t stand the suspense.

  6. diane in northern wis

    Can’t wait to hear the news about the sweet little lamb that’s coming. Edna does look like she’s about to pop! Hope all goes very well!


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