No Speaking to Waffle

Ok, it was a grotty morning – constant drizzle turning into rain at times – but that is still no excuse for Waffle’s latest behaviour.  Yes, you, Waffle.

Having finished his bucket, Waffle sidles up to whoever is still eating – this time it was Vitamin – and …..

… then he swings his bum into them so they have to move off leaving their bucket which he swiftly swoops and steals.

I called Waffle out on this behaviour today.  I knew what he was up to.  I could see the way his mind was working. He knew I knew too and he was more cross than sorry that I had caught him at it.

This little cute face cut absolutely no ice with me.

And so he took out his apparent hanger on Newt (a bad choice in my book) so I told him that too.

Waffle, realising his petard had been well and truly hoisted, went off in a I-didn’t-want-it-anyway sulk to eat old willow trees at me.

I have noticed this bum-swinging is a recent habit that has to stop. He does it to the old ladies and positioning them together to eat their buckets is tricky but necessary if I want them to have any sort of protection from Waffle.

3 thoughts on “No Speaking to Waffle

  1. Sam

    Anyone swinging a bum at the Ladies deserves any and all punishment Mother can dish up. That is wrong on every level.


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