No More Cough

With everyone being everywhere, I have very few ponies at home at present. I personally try to check on them everyday (I have friends who check on them all the time so please don’t worry that they are being ignored because they aren’t).


The Cough has finally been vanquished having gone selectively through the small herd.


Lyra caught it and I actually managed to catch and give her intra-muscular antibiotic injections on a daily basis, which was amazing.  Obviously, now I can’t get near her or ever will again, but she had her full course of treatment and that is all that matters.


Storm was very ill with this horrid infection.  As you may remember, he and Tiddles came home for their nursing care.


Storm did not take kindly to his jags but manned up by the end.  He had a five day course as well as cough medicine, which worked very well on him.


And then Hjalti caught The Cough and off we started with his course of different antibiotics because he is a youngster.  These went down like a lead balloon but through fair means (and foul), we managed.


Now, when we visit this field, we are all acutely listening out for any rogue coughing and then we pounce on the pony and start their antibiotic course.


It seems to have done the rounds of the littlest ones, but not Waffle and Silver, and not Delia.


Anywho, my little herd is all back to normal.  Phew.  For them, the best outcome is that we now have to always visit with food to say sorry if we ever want to be spoken to again!


3 thoughts on “No More Cough

  1. Linda

    Glad to hear everyone is ok now – you know they’ll forgive you, but the treats will help speed up the process!

  2. Sam

    Good to hear the cough has moved on. Sorry the Silly Billys and Lyra no longer trust you not to jab them. Linda is right – treats and plenty of Nosey Kisses to make amends.


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