Best Simmer Dim Rider Ever

“Simmer Dim” is the shortest night or the longest day, depending on your perspective.

We were invited by Houlls & Hounds on Burra (another island) to join them on their Simmer Dim ride.

As we were four, I transported over Klaengur and Haakon the day before and then Kappi and Iacs on the day.


We set off – at about 21:30, all wearing hi-viz and/or lights.

DSC_0125 (1)

We were aiming to get to Bannamin Beach – about 2 1/2 miles away.


Bannamin is a tombolo and connects Burra Isle with, I think, the Isle of Banna Min (though I may be wrong – please tell me).


We started by walking in a a very controlled way up and down the beach, so the horses could become accustomed to their surroundings – for us, our horses had not been here before.


Then there was a tölt down and a canter back up.


Now, that I can do, I think.


Then we walked back down and cantered back up at a speed that was most acceptable to horse and rider, apparently!


It was brilliant.  The best fun I have had in years.  So nice to ride with folk who were happy and in control (because they had all been trained by Bjørn).  This was a relaxed ride with like-minded folk.


No one squealed, no one was out of control and all the horse and riders got on beautifully.


Even me, with my “bitchy resting-if terrified” face.  God alone knows why I look like this.  I can only think that I was realising that it was one of my last rides as my back was very unhappy in a give-me-painkillers-now way.


Darling Haakon.  I haven’t ridden him for months – I lost my  mojo .  But he is always the same and I am always very grateful.  My best friend forever.


We went home, having been endlessly photographed by various folk, including The Shetland Times.


It was a wonderful evening.  Nice people, beautifully behaved horses and much fun for us all. I would definitely do this again, if my spine let me.

5 thoughts on “Best Simmer Dim Rider Ever

  1. Dorothy Sales

    It was amazing and it wouldn’t have been nearly so much fun without you guys being with us.
    The tombolo connects Bannamin to Ketlaness.
    The horses were all really well behaved, great company and great fun.
    The afterparty ended at 3am and everyone loved sharing their love of Icelandic horses.
    Thank you for coming, we will have to do it again…..soon!
    Dorothy x

  2. Terri

    Looks like a wonderful experience, lucky you. An aching back can can cloud the best of times. Hope you feel better soon and are able to ride again this summer! Take care.

  3. Darby

    that looks like such a wonderful experience, so happy for you that you got to take part in it! hope your back feels better.


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