Farrier Confirmation

Our farrier, Stephen, visited today to shoe and trim the horses so we quickly dragged him out to see the Minions in their field.

I know, I know, I said I would never mention this again, but…… (yes, there are still rumblings of disbelief and I really want to put the lid on them.)

First, Stephen thoroughly examined Fivla’s hooves, including trimming them to take a closer look.  He could smell burning on her hooves.

Then it was Tiddles’ turn.

Again, Tiddles was thoroughly examined.


In Stephen’s professional and qualified opinion, everyone’s hooves showed absolutely no sign of footrot or disease.  However, he advised we get Scottish Hydro (island’s electricity supply) to check the two wooden poles that run through the field.

Then home and those that should be shod were.

BeAnne tried hard to commit suicide.

Stephen left us and I phoned the Scottish & Southern Electricity Board.  They were very helpful and sent out within the hour their expert.

We all waited with baited breath.

With a high tech stick and a lightbulb on the end, everything was tested and nothing dangerous was found.

The official and professional electricity man’s verdict was “lightning is shit”, ie it does wierd stuff and we are now officially (no, really, this time I mean it – as I can’t think of anyone else to ask now) putting it down to “one of those things” as it was definitely lightning.

My money is on aliens.


5 thoughts on “Farrier Confirmation

  1. Mary

    I do so enjoy your blog. The Alien comment made me laugh. The photos are always great. Thanks for sharing your life in Shetland.

  2. Mairead

    It must have been so reassuring for the Electricity Expert to have such wonderful supervision. Minion supervision is the best sort!


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