Nice Things

“Nice things happen to nice people” is a motto (one of many) in our house.

And so, as these two “people” behaved nicely this afternoon, ie went to sleep on my chaise longue while I made a sheeple, I took them over to Clothie after their supper for a run.

Ted went on a lead as he lacks directional skills.

And behind me I could hear this incessant yowling.

Monster was coming too.  I have no idea why but he was.

So we walked around Clothie, some of us enjoying the bunnies, some of us yowling for the sake of it and some of us taking photos.

We haven’t been to Clothie for a while because of nesting birds and trying to keep everyone away from the newborn lambs in the hill so it was nice to wander around.

The dogs loved it.  They explored and had the greatest time.

Monster was very much a token dog too….

….. if a slightly complainy one.

The flowers were good too.

And then we went home.

Monster stopped off en route to check my car.

Apparently the brakes are fine and in good working order!

7 thoughts on “Nice Things

  1. Sam

    Looks like the pups have a very comfy wool blanket to nap on after such an adventure.
    Shame about your working brakes….

  2. Jayne

    I read somewhere this week (goodness knows what I was looking at because I cannot now remember) that cats do not yowl, meow or generally make ‘the usual’ noises to other cats.
    Allegedly they reserve this sort of communication for the bipeds.


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