Klængur Update

A Klængur update – well, he’s still with us. I let him out of his wee paddock to be with his friends, ie Haakon and Iacs who had supported him diligently throughout this trial.

So he quickly abandoned them to be with the others.

I doubt Haakon and Iacs even noticed, to be perfectly honest.  But I did.

Meanwhile, Floss and I have been checking on Klængur regularly throughout the following night and day (ie, hanging out of the bathroom window – me: 2 a.m., Floss 4 a.m. ❤️) and the Ginja-Ninja seems perfectly fine.  No ill-effects of his gluttony.

I talked to Daisy today to check on the science of yesterday’s treatment.  I try to think things through and make science-based decisions.

I can only hope I did right.  So far, so good.



3 thoughts on “Klængur Update

  1. Robin E Schwartz

    So glad he’s doing well–and so are you. It reminds me of my Scottie–he’ll eat ANYTHING he can get to–even a jigsaw puzzle piece once (I forgave him–eventually. I have one 999 piece puzzle now, smh) It seems like part of the domestication process involves losing all common sense about what is safe to eat! What would they do without us! lol


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