Snug as a Bug in a Rug

The boys are still in their filled rugs and they refuse to go out without them.


Certain small ponies are quite determined that their rug is their’s and it can be changed when wet but that is it.


This is Storm’s second best rug.


If I make the executive decision to remove all rugs, Storm and Tiddles take to their shed in a joint huff and refuse to budge until another rug of acceptable standard is put on.


Both Tiddles and Storm are very stubborn little characters and, although they both very much enjoy being outside during winter, this is only acceptable with a rug.


I would love to say “No Rugs” – I am not a rugging person but these rugs have probably saved Tiddles and Storm’s lives this winter.


Tiddles is doing much better than Storm, weight-wise.  He is a healthy weight – a furry round ball of single-minded attitude.  Storm remains ribby, thin and not very steady on his feet.


His real fur coat underneath is made of sub-standard nylon and he has not filled out like the others.  I suck my teeth when I look at him.  Hopefully he will pick up in Spring.


As well as their huge field, the Minions have ad lib hay/silage as well as a daily hard feed.


But they are still my little bebbies!

3 thoughts on “Snug as a Bug in a Rug

  1. Sumiko

    Oh, Storm – eat up and conserve your energy. Your Mama’s worried about you and we all want you to be as big and strong as you can be!

  2. Linda

    You said it “snug as a bug in a rug” and don’t they know it!
    Good thoughts sent to Storm; if Tiddles can do it, so can Storm, right?!

  3. Sam

    Hey, bebbes who had a very rough start need and deserve all the comfy things they can weedle out of you.
    And they look darling in the rugs! Keeping Storm in my thoughts here is snowed in Connecticut, USA.


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