A Lovely Day

Today has been a beautiful day.  Cold and crisp here at Thordale but, surprisingly, there is very little snow/ice at Leradale, two minutes down the road!  It was lovely there.

So Daisy and I went in armed with carrots and brushes.

The brushing was first and we made everyone beautiful.  Manes and tails.

Daisy then went for a walk with her bag of carrots to lure everyone to the better grazing up the hill.  This lot spend far too much time lurking next to the preggie ladies.  Not healthy.

The majority were very happy to be lured.

The rest went the long way round, muttering.

After much debate with himself, Tiddles decided to follow via the quickest route.

Bless him!  Once he had made up his mind, he was very enthusiastic.

The carrots were shared out.

Daisy even kindly waited for the old bags to arrive.

Everyone had their fair share.

Vitamin is the problem here.  She just won’t leave the preggie ladies on their own.  They might need her as a birthing buddy or something and so everyone has to stay too.

Anyway, it was good to get them moved and I went around taking a few snaps.

Dearest Fivla came up for a chat.

She has always been a very special pony.  One of the family.

She is the most beautiful Shetland pony ever.  Our fairy-tale pony.

And so we left them up in the hills to eat.

I bet by tomorrow they are back to where we found them.  Annoying Hetja and Brá!

8 thoughts on “A Lovely Day

  1. diane in northern wisconsin, US

    Your stories and your pictures are always so wonderful. Today I learned that the two areas where you keep your horses are only about two minutes apart…..I learn something new every day. I just love the pictures of your beautiful horses….am even starting to associate the names with the animals! And I love seeing Daisy and her love for the horses. It is so touching. I’m sure it would be seeing you too…but I haven’t seen you in very many pics. Your blog is so wonderful….I look forward to checking in here every evening. You never disappoint. Thank you so much.

    1. Frances Post author

      I try. I try very hard to show you the world I see. Daisy has a special relationship with everyone. They all adore her.

  2. Kris

    Despite the thousands of photos you have posted on this blog, never have I been bored or had a “seen it already” feeling. Each picture has a magic of its own.

    That is a credit to the photographer of course. 🙂

  3. Terri

    Looking at these lovely photos, I feel as if I am there. I sure would like to be! My favorite this time is the fourth from the bottom, the close-up of Daisy and Fivla. Daisy has a special way with ponies and horses. It shows in her riding too.


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