Newt’s Furtle

While we were offline, apart from learning another language, mastering the piano and cleaning the house from top to bottom, I also spent some time in the field with Albie and Newt only to discover, after a quick furtle, that Newt had grown up.  His errant testicle was sort of there.

I don’t really trust my own diagnosis or abilities and I like a second opinion so we went down and caught the two best friends.

They led nicely out of their field like good boys and we loaded them into the van.

As Albie and Newt were so small, we decided they could comfortably travel together. Apart they would panic as to where the other one was.

And then we drove to the vet’s surgery for a second opinion on my potential furtle discovery.

Albie, who knew he was not in the frame, so to speak, quickly introduced himself and offered his help.

And low and behold, my diagnosis was confirmed.  Newt’s second testicle was apparent, though not fully descended.

After a discussion, our vet agreed that he was prepared to castrate Newt so an appointment was made for the next week.

We drove home, triumphant, and opened the doors.  This is Albie’s talent – he wears a headcollar differently to others.  It’s his thing.

We led them out of the van.

And then home, back into their field.

(A few days later, the operation was a complete success – Huzzah!)

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