Taking up Smoking!

We made the plan many months ago to convert the old (disused) privy into a smokehouse.

My partner-in-crime, Tore, re-roofed the building.  I then “found” an old multifuel stove, oil drum for covering, iron pipe and oven shelves.

Everything was recycled.

There is so much to do.  Yesterday, we were both up to our necks in defrosted salmon that needed filleting and de-pin-boning.  Then the marinade/cure/brine was made.

For the salmon – Juniper berries, salt, sugar and one batch with Glenmorangie and one without.

The icecream boxes are actually ice blocks.

I have been preparing four chickens for smoking.  They have sat in a brine in the fridge (don’t worry they had equal time on both sides).  I spent last night trying to get eggs to float, which is how you know the brine has enough salt.  I also added whole spices – mace, coriander seeds, cumin, cardamon.

We are also going to smoke three blocks of cheddar too (I loved smoked cheese).  My neighbour then kindly gave me “twartree” (two or three) mackeral and, I think, three herring.

So I decided we will smoke them as well.  I have put them in a coriander seed, salt, sugar rub.

Next to wash and dry the fish.

All this preparation is a tremendous frap, if you ask me, but it should be an interesting result, even experiment.

The smoke house will be revved up tomorrow.  Wish us luck.

💨 🔥 💨 🔥 💨 🔥 💨 🔥 💨 🔥 💨 🔥 💨 🔥 💨 🔥

Also, please send your healing ones to ‘Bert. He is not himself.  I don’t know what is wrong but I am worried.

I have spoken to the vet and I drenched him (‘Bert, not the vet!) with wormer yesterday and then today, with a ruminant stimulant.

I need my little smiling Monkey back. He’s not smiling.

3 thoughts on “Taking up Smoking!

  1. Terri

    Oh this sounds like fun! It will be so tasty! Makes total sense to do this (love the ‘repurposing” of the privy).
    So sorry to hear about ‘Bert — hope he feels better soon. Hugs and healing vibes to him from Oregon!


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