A Black and White Stroll around Lyradale

Every day, no matter what, someone goes over to Lyradale to check on the equine inhabitants.

Usually, that someone incorporates a dogwalk as well.

Today it was my turn, so I took Flossie (because she wanted to see her Whiffy Chicken (aka Fivla) and Loki.  Her Maj was on strike and refused to come.

No matter.  Floss, Loki and I happily walked the boundaries of the croft.

Lyradale really is a stunning special place.

Chock-full of unexplained history.

I have recently discovered an interesting artifact (? right word ?) of what I think is a quernstone (here is a link to a picture of one at Jarlshof, a Bronze Age settlement in South Shetland).  Ours’ is of similar dimensions.  I really need this place to be excavated. Any takers?

As they always said on TV’s “Time Team” just before the ad-break, “What is going on?”

After all the walking, the history and the trying to imagine living here in prehistoric, maybe neolithic, times – which apparently does not mean with the dinosaurs – we went to see some real live “woolly mammoths”!

Four of the Minions (Storm, Waffle, Silver and Tiddles) plus Les Girls (Vitamin, Delia and Fivla) now live at Lyradale.  Newt and Albie will join them soon.

Flossie and I sat down on our respective rocks and were quickly inundated.

This is pretty typical of what happens if you are with The Minions.  They want to come and talk.  I wish I had more hands.

Lots of nose kisseys were demanded.


Everyone was on splendid form.  Suddenly, Storm looked rather smart and, dare I say it, even sensible.

Sadly the wind did not change and so then he went back to normal.

Probably phew!

5 thoughts on “A Black and White Stroll around Lyradale

  1. Sam

    Lovely photos! So moody and yet alive. I do love the Nosy Kisses line up. Why is Her Maj on strike this time?
    And very glad to see Storm being Storm and not so regular Joe.

    1. Frances Post author

      Her Maj has her moments. Since her paralysis (last year), she has become less active. Her choice. I don’t push it. She does what she does.

  2. Terri

    Love these black and white photos….Lyradale seems mystical and magical. One can only imagine the lives of those who resided there long ago. Hope you find an eager, but well-trained, archaeologist someday (you don’t need some ninny mucking about and destroying artifacts).
    I’m so happy you still have Her Maj around, regardless of her energy level. She is still a sweet pup!


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