Newt’s Bedroom

I went over to see the Minions.  I found them all sheltering from Day 3 of this miserable gale.  To be fair, though, it is unseasonally warm and there has been less rain than I thought.

I did my usual count and only found 7.  A quick panic and recount.

Newt was in the little house (you can just see him there).  Of course, no one else was allowed in.  The dragon at the door.

Newt nipped out the minute the others started walking up the hill towards me.

Down by the house was very still. It is well sheltered and I can see why they chose that spot.

I had a little chat with everyone and dished out the contents of my pockets. One small piece of carrot – we are running out. I am not going to town until Friday and so am eeking them out.

The Minions are very happy in their winter field.

After checking everyone, I walked back up the hill, leaving them all to it and wondering whether Newt would go back to bed!


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