Spitting Image

I crept up on mother and daughter fast asleep together (Lilja had been put on guard duty).

Seeing them together, you can see that Sóley the Foaly is the spit of her beautiful mother, Hetja.

Sóley, aka Buttercup, stood up but Hetja remained lying down. I fed her a carrot and said hello.

Little Sóley was very happy to talk to me.  Like Lilja, her sister, she adores people.

Hetja eventually stood up and started grooming with Lilja.  The Hairst (Shetland autumn) wind is blowing now, there is definitely a change in the air and with that all the flies and midges have vanished.  Everyone is much happier.

Dear little Sóley is enchanting.  I sat on a rock and the two sisters came and chatted to me.  I spent a lovely time tickling her belly while kissing her beautiful nosey thinking life is very good.

There is something magical about a foal nose and Sóley’s has one of the best.  She is such a nice little person too and totally calm about everything.  This is a very special Icelandic horse.

4 thoughts on “Spitting Image

  1. Highmac

    After a weekend when the temp hit 33C there’s now a hit of autumn in the breeze down in the south Midlands.

    And I’d like to add my congratulations to Daisy as well as you and the rest of an obviously supportive family {two and four-legged)

  2. Margaret Robinson

    All your animals are special, but this one stands out. What a wonderful world you live in, surrounded by such magic!


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