New toy and a friend

The Minions love toys.  I found an old fishing float that had been lying around the woodpile for years, put a piece of rope through it and gave it to the boys in their field.  They loved it.


Storm swung it around and everyone had a go at picking it up and putting it down.  Hours of entertainment ahead.  I am thinking of buying them a football too.


Then, as Daisy and I had finished riding, we let the lads meet Iacs again.  He is a 13.2hh Icelandic horse, so you can get an idea of scale in the photo below.


Iacs is always a dear gentle boy with others.  He hates hassle and so he made a polite introduction to the intrigued little ones.


There were the usual investigations…..


… that were reciprocated.


Lots of conversations – all respectful and polite.  The Minions “mouth clapped” (is that the right term?) in deference to Iacs’ seniority and probably size.

BN2A4081   BN2A4103  BN2A4109 BN2A4114

It is all good experience in Minion manners for when they go out with the big ones later on.


I need to know that these little boys will behave respectfully, know how to communicate with the group, not push and annoy or get harmed because of bad behaviour or ignorance.  They have only really known living with each other for the last 9 months.


The meeting seemed to go smoothly and we will continue to introduce the big boys if they can all promise to be nice.

5 thoughts on “New toy and a friend

  1. Vicki in the grip of Grippe

    They are so small! I used to have a Rottweiler dog who was about that size. Rex was about 130 lbs. 9.5 stone? Iacs is 13.2 hands — how big are the Minions ( Mini Oons?)

  2. roberta

    We gave Fergus a fitball, he pushed shoved kicked and lay on it………clydedales just looked at us as if we were nuts.


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