Woohoo! The Boys are Back!

I went to get my boys back from Sandness.  I have missed them beyond words and even went to visit every day so they didn’t think I had just dumped them, had their bits cut off and then forgotten them (sad, I know!)


Lots of hugs from The Waffle.


Storm nodded off and let me sit beside him while he slept.


Then Waffle annoyed him until he woke and got up (very rude).


Silver was not in a talkative mood at all.  He stayed away, apart from a little chat with Daisy.


Once Storm was up, he wanted to renew his acquaintance with BeAnne.  She endured it for a while, thought he was too overly and eventually lost her rag.

BN2A3825 BN2A3837 BN2A3846

Anyway, there was much playing.  Waffle is still a bit stiff on his back right leg but I think he was put through the mill with this castration thing worse than the others.  Lots of gentle (ish) exercise and he will soon be fine.

BN2A3856 BN2A3889 BN2A3898 BN2A3932

Everyone is pleased to see the boys and I can tell they are very happy to be home.  Once Taktur is out with his mare, they can all go in the gelding field and join the big boys, though I will only do this if I think they are ready.  I might put it off a few more months.  We will see.


Anyway, I shall continue their manners training as they were stupid to catch this morning.  I hate that.  It is not rocket science and they have all conveniently forgotten.



3 thoughts on “Woohoo! The Boys are Back!

  1. Linda K

    Naughty boys. I love the last pic. I hope they will always be this close and playful with each other. What spirit they have, after their bad start.


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