New Field Anyone?

The boys have just about come to the end of their winter silage and the field they are in has little grass.  So, as we are nice, we letting them into the Maternity Suite to take “the top off”.

No one (sensible, that is) needed asking twice!

The majestic thundering of hooves was superb.

I positioned myself at the bottom of the field while Daisy and Flossie (my daughters) opened the adjoining gates, shouted and let the horses gallop through.

First up were Taktur and the three youngsters, Hjalti, Efstur and Dreki – or Cerberus as they are collectively known.

Haakon and Iacs are in the adjacent field while Haakon can’t tolerate the boisterous herd.  Which left Klængur and Kappi who managed to miss the gate (how, I mean how?), canter down the hill, stop, look wildly at everyone else now eating furiously, have a hissy fit and threaten to jump (our Icelandics are not natural jumpers – so I shouted at them), cross the stream and canter up the other side of the hill.

I don’t know why I bothered to shout.  As if they would take any notice of me.

Anyway, they realised their mistake and came back at full pelt gallop now.

(Personally, I hate galloping downhill)

And now I really hate it.  Ugh.

Kappi was giving it his all.  That grass had his name on it.

Perhaps it is a ginger thing.

The boys had a bit of investigating to do.

As well as some crucial annoying.  You can see why Haakon doesn’t want to live here.

And so we left them eating and very happy until Taktur sniffed girlies and then spent the evening pacing up and down the fence.  He is very tired today. I wonder why.

2 thoughts on “New Field Anyone?

  1. Sam

    Boys – galumping about, eating everything in sight and becoming dopey over a girl. But what fun pictures of these dudes!


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