Meet the Minions Official Tour

Well, today we had our first minibus tour come to visit the Minions and the ladies-what-wore -the-sweaters.

Before they arrived, Daisy and I set out our little horse and donations box.

OH had found me a perfect shaped tin (he keeps everything because you just never know) and painted it beautifully.

The tin then promptly fell off the fence so we placed everything on the ground, which worked very well too.

The ponies were looking their best as Flossie and I had spent the best part of yesterday afternoon brushing and brushing, with maybe a bit of hugging too.

And then we sat down with the ponies and waited for our visitors – in there is a Daisy.  Honestly, there is.

As always, the Minions were thrilled to see their girl.  They adore her.

Soon the minibus arrived and the visitors poured out.  This was our first Minion minibus tour of the season.

I really enjoyed it.  I always love introducing my ponies to folk and telling them their story.  Always a joy, never a chore.


5 thoughts on “Meet the Minions Official Tour

  1. Kerry

    And you do the tour so well – I am sure they had a fab time and counted it as a highlight of their Shetland tour.
    Box and little horse is just perfect – here’s to a great Summer for you all

  2. Celeste

    And so glad it went well for everyone! I’m sure it was very special for your visitors, it sure was for me last year. Animals can change peoples’ lives, you are doing a Really Good Thing.

  3. Sam

    What a cute box OH found. So glad The Minions were able to work their magic on more people. Here’s to many more bus tours.


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