Backwards and Forwards

Here we are again.  Back with the bucket, hot water, Epsom Salts, painkillers, etc.  Plus a course of antibiotics which should hopefully knock anything lurking on the head.

A few day’s ago Haakon’s hoof was pared right back and which opened up the abcess’ route as well as showing another one in the frog.  But everything has drained/is draining and this is (please God) the last of it. It has been a very long haul and sadly Haakon is struggling again – tucked up and footy, but not lame.  I am not surprised.  It was a drastic but necessary trim.

I have discovered one thing, however, that if you stick Haakon’s head in a manger full of food, he won’t fidget and kick over his bucket.  He will stand there forever eating fibre and painkillers.

Afterwards I spray the sole of the hoof and it all comes out the top of the coronary band.  Yuk.

So that’s how the old man is doing.  In a way I feel we have gone back to square one but realistically I know this was inevitable.

In other worlds, today I rode Iacs to accompany Daisy on Hjalti.

It was a lovely afternoon.  Perfect weather for going out on a young horse exploring with the Silly-Frilly!

We met a lamb who had woken up as we trotted past and decided we could be his new mothers.  Hjalti stood like a rock while I made my mother-sheep-lamb noises and guided him back to his ignorant didn’t-give-a-damn parent.  Then there were cars and Hjalti again stood rock-like unphased.

He even took the lead up the hill into unknown territory (for him), totally confident and interested.

This is a panorama shot (the frilled has been slimmed in the shot!)

So, really the bad and the good today.



7 thoughts on “Backwards and Forwards

  1. Sam

    Chrontic health issues with our critters can wear one down. But you caught it! And Haakon is a good gent with the treatment. Love how Hjalti has taken to being ridden.

  2. Linda K

    Poor Haakon, such bad luck, but you’re on top of it and he’ll be on the mend soon.
    A whole new world opening up for Hjalti and how great is it that he’s so confident!

  3. Judith Garbutt

    Fingers crossed for Haakon. Abcesses are sometimes so difficult but hopefully this is the last treatment you’ll need. Looked like a lovely day for a ride!

  4. Sherry Walter

    Blasted abscesses! I gave my mare some comfort between soakings by using Gorilla tape (or duct tape) to attach 2″ thick insulating foam – the kind used in walls – to the bottom of her foot. It seemed to help a lot, she had recurrent abscesses for almost a year after a mild bout of laminitis.


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