Never Work With

That old adage “Never work with animals or children” has never been truer than today.

I espied three orange Icelandic horses of various age and sizes standing looking rather pretty, if hopeful, by the gate.  I had just put Efstur back out after his daily bucket of food.  His reappearance had attracted a couple of hopeful hangers-on.

So I thought, as they looked so nice together, I would take a “family photo”.

I clambered over the fence and tried to capture that special moment when they all look happy and smiley.

So Kappi put his head down.

Kappi raised his head and Hjalti stuck his tongue out.

Ok, we’re getting there, I thought when Efstur ducked his head.

Hjalt stuck out his tongue again while Efstur perfected his utterly dejected face.

I told them both off so then they had a go at each other!

Nearly there!

This was looking hopeful – Kappi looked nobel, Hjalti looked, well like Hjalti and Efstur had by now put himself up for adoption.

So, I gave up on Efstur and achieved this picture.  *** Sigh *** It was the best I could do.

And with that, I clambered back over the fence to go and find a more handsome and cooperative subject!

3 thoughts on “Never Work With

  1. Linda

    Your “adventures” are so much fun to follow, Frances!
    You STILL got some wonderful shots of the shy three-some, and Bert (hope I got that right) looks as handsome as ever. I just love those horns!


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