A Day of Shite

A day of shite – Wind = gusting 50mph with horizontal rain.  Temp is cold = Icelandic gansey on plus the fire is lit in the sitting room.  I ran outside before it started shitting down and threw everyone their food (fatties get haynets full of straw) and Taktur got his hard feed and a real haynet.  I will go back later, when the rain has stopped, and collect everything back up and let Taktur back out into the big field with the others.


So, of course, no one else wants to go out, ever.  They are all glued to their beds.

L1070399 L1070400

(especially Jack)

L1070402 L1070406

I can’t say I blame them. I am feeling a bit wibbly about various future hospital visits and particularly uninspired by today.

L1070411  L1070414

One thing I did do, however, was to bite the bullet, pick up Wu (not a decision I makes lightly unless I have a hankering for hospital food) and put him in the sitting room with everyone else.  I wanted to show him that no one was going to chase him.  I gave Loki “The Look” (my girls will know what that is) and he was as good as gold.  Wu had to accept that no one wanted to eat him anymore.


Wu did grudgingly admit that he was still alive and he did stay for a little while which is a huge improvement.  I will win this battle eventually.  We just need to keep telling him (and Loki).


Another thing I did was to design myself a stable.  I keep being told (read nagged) that I need one and so I am looking into the possibility, logistics and what I actually want or need.  I found a superb piece of free software called Sweet Home 3D (Mac, Win-doze, etc) and had a good play with it.  I don’t think I quite mastered some of its finer features, but I created the general gist.

Screen Shot 2014-03-08 at 14.27.59Screen Shot 2014-03-08 at 14.29.48

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