A Day Indoors

Today was not a day for going out in unless you absolutely had to. So, armed with the gallant and helpful Floss, we got all the horses inside for the morning, fed and Haakon’s rug changed. They were pleased to come in and didn’t need asking twice.  It was also good to get them onto hard standing for a few hours and to let them have a break from the filthy day.

After a quick flit around the others – whole carrots given as a neighbour kindly bought me some bags of carrots for me as an equine Christmas present!  The Minions had two bags between them, Brá and her two friends shared another bag and Les Icelandic Girls had a bag as well.  Today’s training for little Sóley-the-Foalie was to eat small bits of carefully bitten off foal-mouth-sized carrot from the ground before her mother and sister snaffled them and all in a howling gale too!

There are no photos.  Only an idiot would take a camera out in this weather.

This afternoon I have spent with Aunt Kate’s diaries and am now transcribing 1897 – so going along well. I am getting used to Kate’s style of writing and choice of words.  She is 18 now and with the arrival of the bicycle, she has more freedom.  She is not attending lessons as much but continues to draw and is now taking an interest in the household day-to-day accounts.

Of course, I need help! I always need help.  Please do your best. Any suggestion gratefully received. I am stumped.

“Doz and all of us to Dr Neales. I had my nose burnt and Doz had her cheek burnt. The other to ? ; Ex in evening.”

Ok, so what is having your cheek burnt (nose might be sinuses cauterised – they have three appointments for this in as many days). And the next line? The others to ? : Ex (3h?) in evening.  I don’t know.  The others to Second: Exhibition in evening.

Ok, next problem…..

Alys and Paul sang “Mutter**** after supper. Anyone recognise this song?

And lastly, “Played croquet in afternoon. I octy came up again. I rested.”  What is I octy or Locty or Jocty……

Anywho, if you like that sort of thing, go and read the diaries. She goes to London and watches a cricket match and to Cambridge to watch the university rowing.

“Then I went with Doz to St John’s Wood and to Lord’s Cricket Ground. Saw part of match. M. C. C. and Ground v. Australians. First got 219, second all out for 18 runs. Saw W.G.G. and Stoddart and Rankit Singhi (Ranjitsinhji), etc. Had front seats.”

3 thoughts on “A Day Indoors

  1. May

    Guesses for the dairies:
    – She and Doz probably got sunburnt. “The others 2nd”? “The others to T’nd”?
    – Don’t know the song but it looks like maybe a correction over the “u.”
    – In other places that looks like a capital “I.” Iocty’? “Iorty’? Some sort of nickname? Does it come up on other pages?


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