My World

This is the best Winning Smile I have seen in a while from Lambie and possibly because I was wandering around yesterday evening with a large bag of Animal Cookies.

I was, of course, everyone’s best friend.

Today was brighter so I took the dogs to Leradale for a run.

I am still hoping Pepper will learn to swim though I think we’ve lost our warm weather window now and what we need is another dog who is a keen swimmer to show her.

Wednesday is Water Day so I spent a long time lugging hosepipes, buckets and brushes cleaning everything and refilling it with fresh water.  To pass away the time, while the huge troughs filled up again, I went to chat to Iacs…

…. who is on top form again.  He was keeping guard against the potential tigers for Haakon.

Haakon was having a zizz while Iacs did his job well.

Haakon has always made it perfectly clear that he is not the type of horse you sit down next to and I don’t.  He would hate it and feel instantly uncomfortable, while I would worry he would flatten me while he stood up.  We understand each other very well.

Kolka wandered up and that was nice too. She is a very social girl.

Buckets now full, I went off to find something else to do.

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