My Own Tiny Tiddles

I was given my own tiny Tiddles today.


Complete with his beautiful blue eye on the correct side.


This tiny Tiddles is made out of Tiddles’ foal fur which he shed or was brushed out last year.


I am absolutely thrilled and adore my new Mini-Minion. Β He is much better behaved than his namesake who is going through “a phrase” at the moment.


Tiny Tiddles will live with his friend, SilvStorWaff and, for the only time in his life, Tiny Tiddles is bigger than his friend.


9 thoughts on “My Own Tiny Tiddles

  1. Cate

    We want a pattern! Your knitting fans want to make a world-wide herd of Tiddles & Co! (The Minions are coming, the Minions are coming. We will be delightfully assimilated!)

    Is there a pattern on Ravelry, perchance?


  2. Terri

    Totally adorbs! And look — he’s smiling! YES, a pattern would be wonderful! Perhaps ravelry pattern sale could be a fund-raiser for you? (I can envision a lamb/sheep too.) “Tiddles & Co.” is a great name!

  3. Sam

    You see in Tiddles mind he really is that much bigger than the other Minions so why not be knitted that way?
    And yes, please sell the pattern! I’d re;learn to knit if you did…


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