Fog and a Rug

A bit of a pea-souper this morning.  Thick Shetland fog.


Last night, there was quite a bit of rain, so we made the executive decision to put a brand spanking new beautiful Shires rug onto Little B.


For the amount of rain that fell, the rug held up fine and Brisk’s beautiful velvet fur was completely dry underneath.  Perfect.  Just what we all wanted.


I can sleep at night knowing he has the best rug for the worst weather.


So, a huge thank you to all that contributed towards this essential piece of kit for Brisk.


Before, we were just borrowing someone else’s foal rug which was great, but it was very obvious the minute we put it on, that Brisk would need one of his own.


As they say, “it will ride up with wear, sir” and there is plenty of mileage for growing into.


For the first time, ‘Ster was interested in Brisk.  He sniffed and wondered if this was another new member to his flock.  I could almost hear the sigh of relief when he reported back to Lambie to tell him his findings.


Camus and Brisk are playing more, now.


It is perhaps not as reciprocated or as bouncy as Camus wants, but I think it won’t be long before Brisk stops being boring and starts playing back.


Then, I will know we are on the right track.


3 thoughts on “Fog and a Rug

  1. Judith Garbutt

    Brisk looks very smart and so sweet! It’s lovely seeing him interact with his little friend. He looks so well – a credit to you.

  2. Linda

    Take a look at your your results with Tiddles, Frances. How could you have any doubts with Brisk? 🙂


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