Trial and Error

All is right in the World of Lambie and ‘Ster.


Their wool is growing back and I think Lambie’s lucious ringlets will return as well. Phew!


Brisk is content living with Tor (mother) and Camus (son).


They all come to me when I call Brisk’s name.


Everyone has fallen into a nice comfortable routine.  They all get a hard feed in the morning while Brisk also gets milk.


(though why Brisk has to put his two feet in is anyone’s guess – perhaps he thinks the milk will keep them whiter than white).


Tor and Camus know not to bother Brisk while he drinks his milk bucket in the field.


Their reward is to finish the leftovers but they have to wait until it is offered to them and no barging Brisk out of the way.  They respect this.


Little Brisk is on 2 litres of Multimilk, which is split into four feeds – breakfast, lunch, tea and before bed.  At breakfast, Brisk eats and drinks by himself.  He goes in and out of the field very easily.


He likes his milk warm with a little froth on top!


After each feed, I stay around and let Brisk come and talk to me.  I don’t force this on him.  He chooses whether to chat.


And he always does.

We have a quiet bonding times together – lots of breathe sharing, tickles, and hugs. When he walks away, usually after about 20 minutes, then I go away too.


I am pleased with Brisk’s progress.  He is looking very good considering.


Both mentally and physically.


A few weeks back, I was worried for Brisk as he was beginning to look gaunt, but we have been lent a rug (until his arrives) and upped his feed regime hugely.  All this now makes sense.  It was trial and error to start with.


6 thoughts on “Trial and Error

  1. Linda

    What a beautiful little guy Brisk is! That coloring!

    (The “froth” remark made me think of him having a milk latte in the mornings…) 😉

  2. Sheryl

    He’s so handsome and gorgeous, wish I could get him posted to me in Australia….HHmmnn huff and puff.. Anyway he’s beautiful.

  3. Sam

    Glad to know Brisk and you have figured out a routine. Also glad to know Tor and Camus have learned to back off. Let me know the postage on the fleece.


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