My Old Man

It was a bright morning so I went out with the big camera to see who I could see.

These three were enjoying the Spring sunshine.

Dear old Haakon – he’s 30 this year.  His birthday is 10th May 1994. I have the notes from my original phone call with his breeder all those years ago (27) – it says “Haakon Stallion 1 year”.

And then there’s his cousin, Iacs who is two year’s younger. A 1996 baby.

(so that means, if Iacs is younger, Haakon can boss him around!)

Anyway, Haakon was looking relaxed and peaceful as he sat enjoying the sun on his back.

My little prehistoric horse. We’ve been together a long time – he arrived here when he was 3 years old, I backed him and we’ve been through everything together.  My rock and best friend.

Now Haakon is retired because his back legs are not great, though recently he as become much, much better due to having very expensive supplement.  I have noticed a spring in his step and the farrier said his back hooves were clearing the ground when he walked.

There’s a little part of me that wonders if I could ever ride Haakon again, and then I remember he has been retired for a few years now, and is 30 years old and I am no light spring chicken either.

Still, it is lovely to see Haakon happy in the field with his friend and relative.

I tell myself that I would give anything to see his happy smiley face every day rather than anything else so the cost of the supplement is worth every penny (think over £100 a month).  I just need him to live forever.

9 thoughts on “My Old Man

  1. Cheri

    Definitely it’s worth it!!! Pimobendan is the same for dogs with heart issues — about $100/month. It adds an average of 450 days to their life span. Because yes, I want every minute with my buddies that I can get. And these miracle drugs keep them comfortable so we don’t have to say goodbye yet.

  2. Colleen McNamara

    Your “ancients” look very fit for their years. Our last two horses crossed over at 32 and 34..One had a pituitary tumor (PPID) , Equine Cushings (It can be common in older horses). We had to be on the lookout for laminitis (you know the drill) . Also the long shaggy coat has to be dealt with in the hot desert summers. The drug pergolide (although not a cure) kept them comfortable and kept their immune system from over reacting. BUT yes you will do anything to keep them healthy and comfortable. My heart is with you as you enjoy the times with friends you have a long history with.

  3. Simone Kick

    Darling piggy. He is looking very relaxed! May he have a few good years still with you at Thordale, best place to be! When he leaves, he will live forever in your heart, so he will live forever. Sending big hugs and nose kisses! <3


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