This Growing Lark

I am learning so much at Turriefield, where I volunteer when they need me to help.

These are “my” tomato plants that we transplanted from their little starter pots to bigger pots yesterday.

Once we had repotted nearly 100 plants, we took them down to the polytunnel and put them under a light on top of a heated blanket, which they need because it is very cold here at the moment – minus 9 degrees tonight (windchill temperature).

The aubergine seeds are growing too.

I am enjoying the learning curve too. I find out why stuff is done not just doing it because. I don’t learn like that. I always need a reason and then hopefully I take in more information.

I remember planting the peas and nearly all of them have sprouted.

Seeing the results of my work, makes me feel that in time I would like a polytunnel at home so that I can grow vegetables.  I don’t think it will be immediately and I need to save up too but I do think it could be a possibility.  Gardening outside in Shetland weather can be a thankless task sometimes.  You can plant a whole vegetable garden and not one thing comes up – I speak from experience – and then you can’t be bothered to try again because all that initial effort has gone completely unrewarded.

So I am feeling inspired. I really am.

11 thoughts on “This Growing Lark

  1. Suzanne Kelly

    Your gardening looks amazing! I’m sure you would love and need a poly tunnel up there. I’ve had to take in all my padded plants because it’s so cold out here and East Sussex so it must be absolutely freezing up there. Just to harsh overnight at the moment for my young shoots. I hope to see more pictures in due course. Have fairly recently started putting pea shoots in my salads They’re delicious.

  2. Sharon

    Seed starting is addictive! It’s so exciting watching them push through and start growing into recognizable plants. Those peas all look sturdy and healthy. Your tomatoes look good too. I hope you can get a poly tunnel, if you decide you’d like to grow some vegetables. Given your back, it might be a good way for you to grow a garden, if you can use raised beds, half barrels, big pots, etc. to limit bending. If you can heat it, it will really will help you grow a variety of vegetables. By heating, I mean just the electric to have heating mats for the coldest nights and a fan to keep the air moving. Just having the basics to offset the cold nights will give you a real advantage when you get -9C overnight! I have a small greenhouse that is not as useful as I’d hoped because it is placed too far away from the house and electrical connections.
    Has there been any sign of the missing duck?

  3. Lisa

    I seem to recall that you have a small stone building that is minus its roof. I don’t know how far that is from your house-but I wonder if it would be a good place for the poly tunnel as the walls would help protect it from the wind?


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