This Year’s Wall of Primroses

This year’s wall of wild primroses is in full bloom now, though it is possibly not as good as previous years, but it’s not too shoddy.  I can’t complain.

I love seeing these flowers making such an enormous effort. I think it is because they grow on either side of the stream on a very steep bank, that they do so well.  And, also it means no animal can graze them.  This is the only way to survive here.

The celandines are now out in force too.

As well as the “blugga flooers” (Shetland dialect for marsh marigolds). They are also just starting. I saw one or two on my walk.

Soon, they will be everywhere.  They are very invasive once they get going and no one eats them.

I had a little play with my camera at the two waterfalls.

Then I found a duck sitting on the table, like you do.

And so back into the shed to make more of these guys.  Spring is officially here!

8 thoughts on “This Year’s Wall of Primroses

    1. Judi Neil

      Same here Debby – never miss my primroses fix – and your other wild flower shots are always welcomed Frances, any time of year.

  1. Jacqueline

    I can’t believe a whole year has gone by since we last saw those primroses. Hopefully the 3 letter word beginning with m will soon be a distant memory.


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