My Heart Melts

I was pottering around in my kitchen this morning – making the traditional spagetti bolognaise for Floss’ return (she’s been away south).

Guess who appeared at the kitchen door?

Aww, my little boy, Lambie, complete with his lovely Winning Smile.

While I cooked the bolognaise, Lambie entertained himself by wandering around the house.

I don’t think Monster was too impressed.

He had been having a lovely uninterrupted morning snooze in one of his many beds.

Then ‘Ster got wind of Lambie’s travels and wanted into the house too.  Now ‘Ster is never allowed in the house. I know, I know… rule for Lambie and another for everyone else but that’s how it goes as Lambie is sort of vaguely housetrained (only a Muzzah knows).

So I said “All sheep have to go outside!” and went back to my cooking.  A while later, I popped my head outside to see a pathetic sight and of course my granite heart instantly melted.  (BeAnne can easily squoze herself backwards and forwards through the gate.)

So Lambie had a Secret Biccie instead!

He is a very special little sheep and he does ask so very nicely.

It is mind control.  Lambie looks at me and I am forced to open the biscuit tin.  A little known fact, certain sheeple now love Oreo’s!


8 thoughts on “My Heart Melts

  1. Margaret Robinson

    What adorable pics, of all of them, but especially Lambie. Pets are made (obviously he knows this) to be spoiled on occasion.

  2. diane in northern wis

    Love that Lambie so much and all the pics you posted. Also love your cooking…it sounds delish….wish I could smell those heavenly smells!

  3. Freda Freestone

    Oh I so enjoyed this post. Thank you Frances. I haven’t been on FB very often over the past wee while and have missed reading your enjoyable and entertaining accounts of “family” life.
    Hugs for Lambie , BeAnne and all the gang.


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