Farrier Visited

We had our new farrier visit today so I got into the stable those that needed to see him – Haakon, (Iacs along for “the ride” so to speak) Klaengur, Taktur and Kappi.  We also ended up adding Efstur and Dreki to the mix as Efstur jumped over the fence and was running up and down the fence shouting that he had been abandoned (grrrr – bloody horse)!

First up was Klængur who was having a trim and new fronts put on.  Apart from locking his knees and refusing to bend them or help, he was fine.

Yup, then the Boyzenberries arrived on the scene.  Lambie cast his expert eye.

He has always taken an interest.

‘Bert was keener on standing on the bench and eating the hi-viz buckles. We had words. ‘Ster decided he was feral.

Next up was Taktur who was, of course, a gentleman…..

….though, there was a bit of pervy sniffing (I was shocked!).  Taktur and Kappi are having their shoes off, a slight trim and are now officially on their holidays for a while. Daisy is away.

And lastly, it was Haakon’s turn.  His abscesses are nearly out now and his hooves are starting to look normal in shape and, best of all, healthy.

So that was us.  A normal day. Perhaps not such a normal day for the farrier but that’s how we roll in our Shire!


2 thoughts on “Farrier Visited

  1. Sam

    Did the farrier want to come back after this visit? Glad Haakon’s hooves are on the mend. Sorry Ster had “selective hearing loss” and did you count all the critters after the van left? Any stowaways?


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