My Funny World

A lovely day today.  Proper sun and we were proper hot.

After an energetic ride out on Klængur and Kappi, Daisy and I sat outside to recover.

Monster did not accompany us on our ride but enjoyed the sun and our company nonetheless.  This is his Spot.  One of many.

And then we went indoors for lunch and Monster found my Golden Paste Company box that had earlier brought us our essential supply of TurmerAid.

Just the right size for a large white cat.

The two dog/cat beds are now officially obselete.

After lunch, Daisy and I went to work at Turriefield – “an independent social enterprise growing fruit and vegetables for the Shetland community”.  First we visited the Minions, sitting on the banks of the stream.  Newt was thrilled to see his Daisy.

Obviously we social distanced at work.

However strange my world seems, somehow it feels right!

4 thoughts on “My Funny World

  1. Elva

    You can’t fool me! Obviously, Monster really did go riding with you and Daisy. He probably ran three miles or more!!! He definitely deserves his rest, and where better than in a box?


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