My Fucket List

Some people have a Bucket List.

I have a Fucket List.  This consists of things I should not do because someone has said it is not a good idea but I really, really want to…..

1.  Ride my stallion, Taktur.


Since he has been backed, a few folk have ridden Taktur – Jo, Bjorn, Daisy….. but not me.  I watch him being ridden and wonder if I will ever ride him.   All I get to do is to take photos.  Never actually get on board.


I am the kind of person who wakes up one morning, rolls up their sleeves, makes a decision, doesn’t think about it and then does it.

Yesterday, my waking decision was to ride Taktur.  Even if I just sat on him and he wandered about the school, I trusted him to look after me and I wanted to ride him at least once.

At present, his rider is Daisy.  She is regularly riding him in the school while she is home.  Jo has been riding him out on treks recently too.

BN2A1599  BN2A1614

So, after Daisy’s training session, I clambered on board.   My initial reaction was that half the width of a horse was missing (Haakon could be described as a Fat Bastard).  But Taktur stood there, like a rock, while I made myself comfortable and got myself ready.

Off we went in a slow plod.  Wow!  Bless his little cotton socks, Taktur looked after me like a beach donkey, never breaking out of walk and looking after me with my useless riding.


BeAnne watched Taktur to check he was doing it right too!

BN2A1737 BN2A1739 BN2A1741 BN2A1743  BN2A1751

This is an absolute first for me.  I have never ridden Taktur and although we have a great on-the-ground relationship, it was wonderful to take the next step.


13 thoughts on “My Fucket List

  1. Kelly S

    Oh, happy day! I read your posts all the time about other people riding Taktur and his training, and his romantic flings and special eating habits, but it had NEVER crossed my mind that you never wrote about YOU riding him.
    Glad you had a nice ride! He’s so handsome.

  2. RiderWriter

    Hahahahahaha! I am still laughing over “Fucket List!” Never heard that before and am definitely going to adopt it.

    I think you and Taktur look just swell together – good for you for getting on!

  3. Anne Barron

    Frances, I would love to do a pencil portrait from one of the two lovely b&w photos at the top of the page. If I can have permission, you would get a free giclee print of it as a thank you. Would you mind?


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