My Balancing Act

I had a very stressful morning.  It was so bad, I ended up taking a migraine pill.  I can’t say more but I am very angry.


I do know, however, that I should not ride when I am feeling like this. It does neither Haakon nor me any good at all and we just end up in another fight totally of my making.  So I let Daisy ride him and she did so much better.


A small kiss on a little Shetland nosey made me feel slightly better but I took my anger into the hill for a walk to try and find some perspective on a situation I have no control over but has a very negative effect on me and my health.


I stomped off, with the dogs and the cat and turned round to wait for everyone to catch up.


BeAnne suddenly had a a great idea!  To chase the Wuss.


But Wuss had an even better idea – to chase BeAnne instead!


I laughed out loud and it was very funny to watch the tables being turned with no malice, just for a cat’s entertainment.


Stomping around the hill, now with a slight smile, I took a long look at the smaller picture ….

IMG_8434 IMG_8440 IMG_8431 IMG_8445

….and then the bigger picture.



Some people are bastards, while some people are real gems (you know who you are).

I suppose Karma will even it all up in the end – I just need to find that balance and some perspective.


4 thoughts on “My Balancing Act

  1. bigears

    my week has been one of anger, hassle, etc, so i empathise.

    and i did enjoy the chasing of Beanne – hilarious

  2. Anna

    I know how you feel! I had a very angry day last week and Lola knew before I even caught her that my mood was not good. She wouldn’t stand for it so I just had to feed her and leave her alone. The next day my mood was much better and we had a wonderful training session together 🙂

  3. Highmac

    Frances, one of my dad’s favourite sayings when he came home from a bad day was “nil illegitimum carborundum” – don’t let the b****rds grind you down. But I doubt it’s in a REAL Latin dictionary 😀

    Loved the BeAnne and Wuss pix 🙂


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