Learning to knit and one cheesey grin

Today started off with me thinking I would learn to knit (here is one I prepared earlier she writes lying through her teeth).


Barbara, my knitting teacher and old friend, and I were talking while laughing at the dogs’ stand-off so much that we ran out of time – don’t worry, my friends on Ravelry, we have rearranged for next Thursday.


In the meantime, BeAnne learned to crochet, ….


Nellie watched…


…and Beeble did his best Mother Teresa impression.


Then, after a good lunch of laughing and soup, I thought “you know what? What the hell”.  I can get little or no sense from the NHS so I made a decision for myself.


It was absolutely wonderful, beyond words.


I had my freedom back – my legs (ok, his legs).


Haakon happily tölted along.  He galloped like the wind up the track getting faster and faster as I urged him on, always listening and instantly slowing down when asked. It was cold, snowing on and off and I didn’t care one bit.  I keep telling them (the NHS) that riding is the only time of the day or night when I don’t hurt.  They don’t believe me but it is true.  I didn’t think “ouch” once, just “wow” all the time.


And then Daisy was mugged.  Oh well.



6 thoughts on “Learning to knit and one cheesey grin

  1. bigears

    well done you. if you waited for the NHS to sanction stuff you would be in a box.

    just get on and do it! i am thrilled for you.

  2. Martine

    Oh sad & happy at once reading this… BeAnne looks so much like Scampy in the third shot that my heart actually lurched… but so happy that you are back in the saddle again.


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