Early Morning Dog Walk

Every morning we leave the house at 06:30 to walk Teddy around the golf course  that encircles the house. These days, Ted is kept on a lead as he can run off.  Idiot unhelpful dog.

The old oak tree is always visited.


At this hour, the golf course is empty and my mother walks there with the permission of the owners.

It is very beautiful so early and sometimes we see kites flying above, and deer running past.

Meanwhile Tedworth remains on his lead!  It’s his own fault.  One departure too many for Mum’s nerves. I can see her point.

Anyway, he has a nice big garden that he can run around off the lead. He patrols it regularly.

This morning, it rained, though stopped for our early morning walk, which was kind.

The poppy gave up but another is on it’s way.

The roses are just as gorgeous in the rain.


4 thoughts on “Early Morning Dog Walk

  1. Sam

    Teddy seems like a headstrong yet friendly boy. But not returning when called does warrant a lead outside the garden. Speaking of which – your new camera takes WONDERFUL shots!

  2. Nancy

    The droplets on the flowers is wonderful in the photos – superb detail!
    Worth every bit of figuring out the new camera, for sure.


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