Much Galloping

So this was the scene when Floss opened the gate a few day’s back.  To a horse, they all ran into their new field.

…… or delicately gallumphed if I am being honest.

Four little fat bottoms.

And the other four little fat bottoms (Lilja and Sóley were floating around the field somewhere looking like supermodels).

Then suddenly to a horse, they all turned round and galloped in the other direction.

“The wind up their tails” is the expression.

It was wonderful to watch.

At one stage I had all ten galloping straight towards me.  There was a brief moment when I thought should I move, but decided this was an unwise strategy and I watched as they galloped past, with Newt coming up for a brief kiss/hug!

And then, exhausted (or fat and very unfit), the herd all stopped suddenly and started stuffing their faces.

They haven’t lifted their heads since!

7 thoughts on “Much Galloping

  1. Sam

    So the herd of equine elephants thundered by you as you took photos of the grand parade of round bums!
    Amazing to see the “Call of the yummy grass” stop them.

  2. Margaret Robinson

    What a beautiful sight (and slightly mysterious when they all decide encase to do something). Good you didn’t move!!!!!!

  3. diane in northern wis

    How very fun to watch and what neat pictures you got of it all. So fun to see them all galloping….mane’s flying….tails flying….. You’ve got some beautiful animals there!


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