Mr Foxy

No words. I’m feeling smug.

The war of Frances versus the tablet and peecee is nearly won. Home to Shetland tomorrow.

Edited to say über smug now. I’ve just taken this film having put out some Chappie with added Mum’s stinky Camembert!

9 thoughts on “Mr Foxy

  1. Kerry

    Absolutely no need for words – you deserve to feel smug with that great footage.

    Have a good journey tomorrow, and hail the conquering hero re the Tablet/PC face off

  2. Marlane

    So amazing to see. Here in the USA red foxes are either not in existence or very rare. We have Coyotes instead.

    1. Kris

      Had a fox family with 4 kits in my backyard (Central New Jersey) last summer. One of them is still hanging out in the area . We also have the occasional coyote and black bear even though we are classified as suburban. Sigh.


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