Look Who I Saw

07:00 dog walk, I walk out of the garden gate and guess who I see? A beautiful roe deer just standing there.

I watched him a while trying hard to take a photo without looking like I was actually moving or taking the picture.  Of course he leapt away and then stopped again to look at me.  This time I made Lambie/Muzzah noises and we just watched each other for a long time.

Eventually I had to leave as Mum and Ted were well on their way with the dogwalk.

The weather was looming in a threatening way.

We upped the pace and walked fast round the agreed route.

Still, the morning first-light had it’s moments before the rain well and truly arrived so I took the opportunity to take photos of the beautiful old oak trees.

This is a “stag oak” for which the house is named.

From the National Trust website – “There is an old saying that ‘oaks grow for 300 years, rest for another 300 years and then slowly decline for a further 300 years’.”  So this tree is over 600 years old.  Wow!

Anywho, I am glad we got home before the torrential rain started.  I hope I see the deer again. He was nice.  I wonder if I could bring him home too (strokes chin), though I doubt Lambie would be too impressed.

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