Boxing Day Ride

We tacked up our horses and went out for a ride today.

There is nothing better than a Boxing Day ride.

Ok, the weather was not brilliant.

At one stage it rained a bit but we didn’t melt and it was good to get out.

I love riding with my two daughters. It gives me a warm fuzzy feeling inside.

Haakon was his usual self so I didn’t bother with the reins.  I didn’t need to.  We have an understanding that has evolved from many years together.

Daisy and Taktur set off up the canter track.

And then Flossie and Klængur flew off.

Meanwhile at Ground Control, Haakon put on the brakes and watched while eating a carrot that happened about my person.  These days if he doesn’t feel like it, we don’t do it.  He is an old man.

While he munched contentedly, the girls and their horses walked back down the hill to join me.

We went on for a little while longer and turned round at a suitable passing place on the single track road.  There was little traffic around.

Like I said, there is nothing better than a Boxing Day ride.

Home now to eat Floss’ excellent Yule Log (decorated by OH and Daisy).

Obviously, I bought sheep.



4 thoughts on “Boxing Day Ride

  1. Terri

    Lovely ride, whether cantering or eating carrots! Yule Log looks well-executed…and is likely ‘scrummy’, as Mary Berry would say. Enjoy!

  2. Michelle

    I went for a ride on both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day here; would have been delightful to have my son join me but alas, he is never interested. Your photos and description gave me warm fuzzies, as does that beautiful lit structure in the window! Hope you had a merry Christmas, one and all.


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