My Little Helpers

I mucked out this morning accompanied by three little snuffly noses that got in the way, trod on and then sniffed everything, while insisting they were helping.


After mucking out and feeding Taktur, I drove over to the feed merchant to buy hay to eat, straw for bedding, Mare & Foal mix plus a bucket of minerals specifically made up for Shetland ponies.

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The regular feeds are going down well and everyone piles in while sharing beautifully.  There is no arguing.  They are all very close friends.  Well, going through hell together tends to bring you all closer.


The mineral lick bucket was ignored at first and I was worried that no one would know what it was and so ignore it.


We have rigged up a better doorway and it is much more sturdy.


I popped over this afternoon after their lunch to find they had been lying down.  The bebbies are very pleased to see me now and the little white one, Storm, whinnies when he sees me.  It is probably because I am usually bearing some kind of food.


I brought with me a thinly sliced apple to see if they would like it.  The black one, TorBjorn and Storm (white one) ate it while Silver (edit: Chestnut going grey) ignored it.


I sat on the clean straw, letting them come up to me and get to know me.  It was lovely being investigated.  The smell of the clean straw and hay, the gentle sound of them eating and snuffling around me while I stroked them, the lovely smelling noseys which I got to kiss – it was the perfect way to spend a winter’s afternoon.


After that, they went back the important business of eating and ignored me.


I was pleased to see them investigate and enjoy the mineral lick.


Tomorrow I might try them out on thinly sliced carrots too.

I think I am in love!  It is the neighing when they see me that makes me go ahhhh!

6 thoughts on “My Little Helpers

  1. birchsprite

    They are adorable and you are a star for looking after them. I’m loving the evolving stories and can’t wait for more updates!

  2. Jen Breese

    I’m just teary from the cute and happiness. I hope they make it. Such cute sweet little things. How are the other rescued doing?

  3. meg

    Thanks for taking the time to share this with us, you must have your hands full with the new additions so thank you thank you thank you 🙂


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