Moving Again

We are trying to preserve our fields for winter.  It is a bit of a juggling game but, every year, we do our best.

There are various other factors to take into account.

The field we have just moved the boys back to is Clothie.  A five acre field with good shelter and its own stream but it does tend to dry up if it possibly can.  The downside to Clothie is that it is an unhelpful field to use in winter when we are feeding silage (from January onwards) as we have to lug every bale over, plus water if it runs out.  Back-breaking work.

Temperatures are going up this week, albeit briefly, so we will let the big field rest as we will definitely need that later.

Daisy, Flossie and I moved the eight lads over.

First the youngsters – we took one each.

Then the older, more sensible ones.  Daisy led Kappi and Taktur while I led Klaengur.  Floss brought up the rear with her herding skills.  Iacs and Haakon were loose and following, sort of.  Iacs had an independent thought which is never to be encouraged.  At one stage, we turned round and watched him set off down the track by himself in a happy bimbly trot!

Anyway, once safely in their field, we decided it was obviously an aberration.  Not like Iacs at all.

I am not sure how long the boys will stay here.  It may just be a week or so.  We’ll see how long the grass lasts.

With me, nothing is ever written in stone – I tend to change my mind frequently.

By the way, in my head the field swapping makes perfect sense.  Just writing it down makes me sound like a deranged idiot.

4 thoughts on “Moving Again

  1. Sam

    Not deranged, a caring guardian of horses, ponies, Sheeple and others. Would have loved to seen Iacs doing the Bimble wander back to home.

  2. diane in northern wis

    Beautiful pics of beautiful creatures. Thanks Frances. Glad your transfer into another pasture went pretty well.

  3. Freda Freestone

    Loved your account of moving pastures as well as all the photos. What a character Iacs sounds. It’s great hearing about everything you’re getting up to with all of your “dear ones”.

  4. Terri

    Beautiful photos! How on earth do you keep track of them all? Do you have a flow chart of who is where? (and when and for how long?) ABC in this pasture, DEFG in that, HIJK in the field over there, and — oops! G has to be moved again because s/he is picking on someone — LMNO, etc. Not to mention keeping track of the grass length in any given field. Nor those with independent thoughts. Hats off to you and your hard-working crew for managing them so well! (my back twinges just thinking about lugging bales of silage)


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