One Way or Another

Every so often the Boyzenberries decide they want to mingle with the hill sheep and I duly let them out (or they escape when the gate is open for a car to be driven out) for some freedom.  On fine days I encourage their sojourns to the scattald.

Today the Boyz left home to see their friends.  I then went out to do stuff and left them to their play date. Upon my return home in the afternoon, I found my sheep sitting on a hill bored of watching and waiting for me to come home.

“Muzzah, you are late and vee vant to come home.”

Between the hill and our gate is a large (ish) ditch that has to be crossed one way or another.

“Sheep rampant” – a heraldry attitude, I think.

I love the way Lambie jumps so neatly with his little ears forward.

Then it was ‘Ster’s turn.  Now that is a look of determination.

It was a good landing – a nice clean jump over the ditch.

And lastly ‘Bert who refused to jump and grimly walked through the ditch. There is not telling some sheep.

Well done ‘Bert.  At least you are coming home which is good.

With the sun setting an hour earlier now, I always feel relieved to have my Boyzenberries home for the night.

4 thoughts on “One Way or Another

  1. Margaret Robinson

    Perhaps “sheep jumping” or “sheep walking over” should become a true sport. Lambie looks divine and the
    other two look like sheep usually do when confronted with a ditch. Well done, all.

  2. diane in northern wis

    Love your sheep Frances…..they are so dear. Love that Lambie, the professional jumper too! Yikes…it’s getting dark so early now. Glad you got them all home before dark.


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