To Make Up for Yesterday

To make up for yesterday’s totally inadequate blog post, I went into my stable/studio and made a little film.

Things I learned today whilst film-making….

  1.  Sticky Glue dots are exactly not that.  They stick to one thing – themselves – or maybe two – me and themselves.  Everything else they are entirely immune to on the sticking front.  A complete waste of money.
  2. It is very difficult to make ponies jump.  Just sayin’.  I had to be the Muzzah of Invention.
  3. It is also very difficult to get Monster to meow on request, which surprised me since he never shuts up so it ended up with me opening his tin of cat food while Floss followed him round trying to record him telling me to feed him NOW!
  4. BeAnne is a grudging little companion (see photo)
  5. I really need my own studio space (see photo). The building may be completed by Christmas and I am very excited. I have such plans.

So, I hope you enjoy the film.  That’s 29 seconds of your life you’re not going to get back.  Turn up the volume too. 

I hope this makes up for yesterday.

Edited:  I read this blog back and managed to say, like, “totally” three times in the first paragraph. I sounded like a teenager.  I really must remember to proof-read. I embarrassed myself.


16 thoughts on “To Make Up for Yesterday

  1. Mary C. McNamara

    You are so creative. Love the animal vocals too. Keep up the good work.
    Yep I have had the same experience with glue dots (not WHAT THEY ARE ADVERTIZED TO BE. )

  2. Sam

    Totally worth the wait! Who knitted the ponies and would they share the pattern?
    I do not mind “wasting” my time watching your films. I love it!

  3. lynn

    Best film ever! munching sounds effects are perfect!

    PS You are entitled to post any kind of blog you want, inadequate, adequate or otherwise.

  4. Terri

    Actually 58 seconds, because I watched it twice. Except it was TOTALLY NOT wasted! I loved it, especially the meow and galloping horses sounds. (Oh the things a filmmaker and crew must do to get the actors or voiceovers to perform, sigh.) Happy that your studio is in progress and will become a reality!

  5. diane in northern wis

    Oh a very wonderful new film Frances. I enjoyed it soooo much. Loved when the horses jumped over the fence and started eating everything. The kitty sound was good too….that was Monster huh? Very entertaining…’re really getting the hang of it. Thank you for all your time and effort! Looking forward to the next one. (It went too fast!)

  6. Kerry

    Well, that is most definitely not a waste of 29 seconds, or however many more seconds I spend watching it.
    Love the “plot”, the stunts by those amazing knitted ponies, the confused dog and the excellent sound effects.


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