Mountain(s) comes to Mohammed

This dreich Shetland afternoon saw me taking Efstur and Kappi to the vet for their injections.

Well, that was the theory.

A certain small orange thing, yes thing, decided he had never seen the horse-van before and certainly wasn’t going in it for anything.

Luckily, I had some assistance, in the form of my neighbour, Peter, and if it had been just left to me, I would’ve given up.  After one failed attempt with me on Efstur’s lead-rope cajoling and offering tiny bits of carrot plus a lovely bucket of grub, we swapped places and Peter took over.  He had the front end while I grabbed a dressage whip and together we convinced Efstur that the tapping on his bottom would stop if he walked up the ramp.  So he did. Huzzah!

Kappi, of course, loaded like the professional he is and I asked our vet to give them their injections without anyone having to unload from the horsevan.

So that’s Kappi up-to-date (he had a booster) and Efstur now starts his lifetime course.  We have to go return in a month so from henceforth Efstur will be fed his daily smidgen of hard feed in, (guess where?), the van!  We are not playing that game again.  No way.

The annoying thing is that this time a few years back Efstur was happily hopping in and out of the van without a care.  He has obviously forgotten.  Brain of a pea!

3 thoughts on “Mountain(s) comes to Mohammed

  1. Margaret Robinson

    And Smokey Robinson went to the vet today too. He doesn’t like trailers (you’re vans) much, but (or butt) he’ll go for a certain amount grain. He’s staying there for a few days, but knows the routine and Harry said SR was making friends with the larger horse next to him. It’s indoors so no need to get wet.

    So sorry for your travails with Efstur. That’s always a downer, but perhaps he’ll get better as he has to do this on a more regular basis. They do forget some of the things we’d like them to remember!


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